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Reverb is the marketplace for musicians to buy and sell the gear they use to make the music they love. Reverb was founded in 2012 by David Kalt in Chicago, IL and is now the fastest growing community of musicians anywhere. Over the past few years, Reverb has been a hot topic for various news publications. Follow the Reverb story below to find out more about who we are and where we're headed. For media inquiries, please email

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Local Store, Anywhere: Why Reverb Works For Indie Retailers

February 23, 2016

Independent retailers have been struggling to embrace e-commerce for years. Web-savvy dealers previously have used their own Web sites as a primary source of Web sales, often with mixed results. Larger and more tech-savvy stores were able to add significant sales online, whereas smaller stores, which weren’t as well versed in the world of online retail, have found themselves struggling to add any significant amount to their bottom line. Read More

Music and Startup Life: How Yan Pritzker's Passions Brought Him to Reverb

February 23, 2016

In 2012, life-long tech guru and entrepreneur Yan Pritzker was in San Francisco working on his fourth and fifth startups when he began to feel pulled back to his hometown Chicago. Read More

University of Michigan MBA students talk entrepreneurship with Reverb founder, David Kalt

February 5, 2016From Reverb

Today, a group of MBA students from the University of Michigan stopped by the Reverb offices to spend an hour with founder, David Kalt. The visit was part of the UM Ross School of Business MBA program’s effort to provide exposure to startup culture in Chicago. With a track record of founding three successful companies and a BA from the University of Michigan, Kalt was an obvious choice for these educational talks. Read More

Rick Nielsen to Showcase his 1959 Les Paul at Reverb NAMM Booth

January 19, 2016From Reverb today announced that Rick Nielsen will be showcasing his 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard at the booth during Thursday’s NAMM 2016 tradeshow. Rick Nielsen is a founding member of the band Cheap Trick, a 2016 inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Nielsen is well-known for collecting vintage guitars, claiming to have owned at least 2,000 guitars in his lifetime. Read More Raises $25 Million in Funding Led by Summit Partners

December 3, 2015From Reverb – the marketplace for musicians to buy and sell gear – today announced the completion of a $25 million Series B funding round led by global growth equity investor, Summit Partners. Launched in 2013, Reverb is closing out its second full year in business and is on pace to process more than $120 million in transactions in 2015. The company’s earlier investors include Lean Startup pioneer Eric Ries, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, country music superstar Brad Paisley. Read More

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Reverb, Marketplace for Musicians, Cranks Up With $25 Million in Funding

December 4, 2015 | Read More’s Marketplace For Musicians Tunes Up With $25 Million

December 4, 2015 | Read More

David Kalt tunes up $25 million for

December 03, 2015 | Read More

Summit Partners leads $25 mln round for

December 4, 2015 | Read More's $25M round of funding is music to Chicago's ears

December 3, 2015 | Read More

Reverb Drums Up a $25 Million Series B to Fuel International Expansion

December 04, 2015 | Read More

Turn It Up: Musician Marketplace Raises $25 Million

December 28, 2015 | Read More

International expansion eyed by "Musicians' eBay", Reverb

December, 2015 | Read More Raises $25 Million In Funding

December 03, 2015 | Read More

These People Took a Vacation From Technology -- Here's What Happened

December 24, 2015

David Kalt, founder and CEO of musical gear marketplace, was on his way to a family gathering in Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon when he made a discovery. “As we were driving out of Phoenix, the guide mentioned that there would be no cell service for the entire trip…seven days,” he says. While Kalt had planned on a vacation, he hadn’t planned for it to be entirely tech-free. So he went into action. Read More

This music exec toned down his hyperactive management style

November 11, 2015

Chicago Music Exchange owner David Kalt is transforming his management style, a change fueled in part by watching the high-profile celebrities who visit his musical instrument store... Read More

High-tech means higher sales for many small retailers

November 11, 2015

Small retailers use high-tech innovations to build relationships with customers; they often can't compete with big chains on prices, so they aim at better, individualized service. Some of the technology is designed for smaller companies, while some retailers find ways to turn a widely-used computer program or app to their advantage. They're also able to implement technology faster than many giant retailers because they're not operating hundreds or thousands of stores. Read More

Reverb Launches Music Lessons Marketplace

September 14, 2015From Reverb

Reverb today announced the launch of Reverb Lessons, a new marketplace that connects aspiring musicians with experienced music instructors for online and in-person lessons. Reverb Lessons features a variety of music-lesson packages that are built around specific music genres and playing techniques, ensuring that students learn exactly what they want and allowing instructors to better market their specific areas of expertise. Read More

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Reverb Launches a New Marketplace to Connect Aspiring Musicians with Experienced Instructors

September 15, 2015 | Read More

Reverb turns up the volume with new marketplace for music lessons

September 15, 2015 | Read More

Local Startup Wants To Be The 'Uber' Of Private Music Lessons

September 18, 2015 | Read More

Reverb Announces Integrations with Top eCommerce Platforms

August 17, 2015From Reverb, the leading online marketplace for musical instruments and gear, today announced completed integrations with leading ecommerce platforms Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento. With the announcement, any dealer whose shop is built upon one of those platforms can more effectively sell on the booming marketplace, which is growing 15% per month. Read More

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Installment pay option resonates with

July 6, 2015 | Read More, Removing “Friction” From Online Selling

July, 2015

On the surface, may appear to be occupying the same general commercial space as eBay and Amazon. But from its much more affordable sales commissions to its carefully constructed buying and selling experiences, Kalt has fashioned it to be the un-eBay: focused, personal, engaging, and super-easy for both sellers and buyers. Read More

Reverb Introduces New Financing Program for Buyers and Sellers

June 3, 2015From Reverb, the leading online marketplace for musical instruments and gear, today introduced financing on Reverb for credit-worthy buyers who are without credit cards or who have insufficient credit history. The new short-term financing option, made possible through a partnership with San Francisco-based alternative lender Affirm, will also help dealers sell more gear by growing’s pool of capable buyers. Read More

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Installment pay option resonates with

July 6, 2015 | Read More

Reverb teams with Affirm to offer alternative loans for music gear

June 8, 2015 | Read More

Reverb Partners with Guitars for Vets

May 26, 2015From Reverb

This Memorial Day, Reverb partnered with Guitars for Vets to honor our fallen soldiers by supporting the living veterans. Guitars for Vets is a non-profit organization that was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2007. They currently have over 40 chapters in 20 states, with over 150 volunteers nationwide. Guitars for Vets has fulfilled over 20,000 lessons and distributed over 2,000 guitars, free to military veterans. Read More

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Reverb Partners with Guitars for Vets

July 5, 2015 | Read More

Reverb Raises $11K for Guitars for Vets

June 3, 2015 | Read More

Spring Clean Your Way Into Cash

February 26, 2015

spring cleaning doesn't have to be a complete pain in the neck. If you think about it strategically, you could make money the next time you pull out the vacuum, gloves and garbage bags. Here are four ways you could clean up while cleaning up. Read More

Rick Nielsen Opens His Guitar Vault

February 11, 2015

Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen is known to all for not only his guitar prowess but also his guitar collection, which includes more than 400 axes. Rick’s been thinning his herd lately, having opened his own shop on, where he’s sold off several of his instruments. Read More

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Rick Nielsen: Cheap Trick guitar and gear hoarder selling them on

February 6, 2015 | Read More

A DevOps Metamorphosis Echoes Through, Part Two

February 2, 2015

Last time, we discovered how the e-commerce platform, which connects musicians who want to buy and sell gear sought to automate its workflow software development process, speeding deployment and bug fixes while satisfying customers who want to trade in an online environment that is as efficient and error-free as possible. Now, the conclusion of how adopted DevOps to achieve its goals. Read More

A DevOps Metamorphosis Echoes Through, Part One

January 28, 2015

“ is an e-commerce platform that connects musicians, enabling them to buy and sell used gear and instruments,” says Adam Enger, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, As an ecommerce site, it is critical to that its workflows such as checkout, offers to purchase, and messaging work in tandem with its selling workflows, which include creating new listings and managing orders. Read More

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