For those in need of a workhorse power source with a reliable build that will go the distance, consider the T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic Power Supply. Sporting ten total DC outputs pumping out 1,500 mA of total power, the pedal's compact design makes it an easy fit on most pedal boards in addition to the sure fit on a T-Rex board. Have different power requirements? The Fuel Tank sports eight 9V outputs and two isolated 12V outputs for a versatile power source you can rely on for years.

Product Specs

  • Fuel Tank
  • Blue
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic Power Supply
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  • Just don’t buy it

    Verified Purchase

    It lasted a week you can get better power supply’s like the walrus audio for cheaper and they are isolated this is not.

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  • Great for most

    Verified Purchase

    Great if you’re looking to power a handful of basic pedals, but do your research before purchasing this power supply. From what I can tell, most pedals draw approximately 15-50 mA of power. If you use pedals that draw a great deal more, you would need another option.

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  • Great and reliable power supply

    8 isolated output and 500mA are enough to power a good size pedalboard. The 12v provides 500mA and works well with pedals like strymon and eventide. Solid metal construction, the side power cable socket and the dimension let it fits well in the pedaltrains.