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The electric organ is both one of the most vital and most underrated instruments of the past century. The Hammond is clearly the most famous example, but various organ models have been used on thousands of classic jazz, rock, pop, and blues songs. We've got vintage organs from earlier eras, as well as modern digital alternatives—check out our selection. The electric organ folds together emulations of theater and pipe organs in a more convenient package than the hulking presence of a traditional organ. Originating in the early Twentieth Century in bulkier models that were restricted by issues like weight and overheating. After the introduction of the legendary Hammond Organ in 1934, the electric model became both better in sound and much easier to transport. In recent decades with the development of more efficient technology, models like the Nord Organ series and the Yamaha Reface models have made classic organ tones even more accessible. Find them here on Reverb.