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When you're looking to put together a new drum set, you're priority probably goes to choosing the right snare and kick drum. But what comes next, the tom-toms, are really just as important. Drum toms are the support players that add that something extra to your kit that makes it sound your own.

What is a Tom-Tom and How Does a Tom-Tom Drum Sound?

As stated, tom-toms are the support drums you add to your kit. A standard, five-piece drum set, for example, features one floor tom next to the snare and two rack toms above it. Some kits have more and others have less—any number of tom-toms in any size can be added to any any kit, it's just a matter of the player deciding what they need.

Sound-wise, a general rule of thumb is that smaller toms give a higher-pitched, more staccato response, while larger toms focus more on the low-end with more resonance (of course, tuning and shell type gives room for play with this rule). For more, see our article on the history and evolution of the tom-tom drum.

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Whether you're after the tight sound of a sharp fill a la Stewart Copeland or want the thunderous presence of big ol' Bonzo's 14- and 18-inch toms, find them here on Reverb from brands like Pearl, Ludwig, Gretsch, Yamaha, and more.

To exclusively browse tom-tom drums near you, reference the list of top cities and countries available on Reverb to search within a desired location. You also can review shipping details within an item’s “Shop Policies” section.