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The SPL Transient Designer is a 1U 19" rackmount outboard dynamics processor with just two simple controls (one for attack and one for sustain) of what, internally, is quite a complicated process. Rather than using the VCA for gain control, the Transient Designer only affects the the shape of a signal's envelope.

The Transient Designer can be used to add attack back to a sound source which has been over-compressed or did not have much initial transient, and inversely can be used to dramatically lengthen or shorten the sustain of a signal. For instance, drums which were recorded in a very dry room can instantly be made to sound like they were recorded in a large hall, or if they were recorded in a space that was too live and reverberant, the user can simply bring down the sustain control to make give them a more "dead" '70s sound.

The Transient Designer 4 is the 4-channel version with XLR connectors.

Product Specs

  • Transient Designer 4
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Germany

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