Sporting circuitry based on Line 6's popular DL4 Delay Modeler, the Echo Park is a powerhouse delay in a space-efficient package. The pedal features an onboard tap tempo, analog, tape, and digital delay modes, and eleven separate delay settings.

Product Specs

  • Echo Park Delay Pedal
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Line 6 ToneCore Echo Park Delay Pedal
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  • Great Tape Delay

    The tape delay is fantastic and the numerous types of delay are all great, except for the sweep which in my opinion sounds horribly cheesy. But as for the other modes, they all sound great, especially the swell and reverse settings. The modulation can get pretty crazy on the Analog setting, but as far as tape delay, I haven't found anything as good at this price point.

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  • Great seller!

    Verified Purchase

    Pedal works great!

  • Amazing delay pedal with a lot of functions you won't find on more expensive ones. I'm particularly fond of the reverse-delay... creates some awesomely trippy vibes.

  • Mejor Eco en formato pedal

    Verified Purchase

    MUy bien diseñado, con opción de tap tempo! Muchas opciones para poder crear tu efecto. Tres estilos de delay, parámetros muy utiles

  • Magical delay pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Has all the delay types and styles that you could need. It's heavy but worth the weight. Beautiful delay sounds and the all in one pedal if you only needed one.