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Reviews for the Hermida Audio Tiki Drive
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  • Very versatile and smooth

    Great overdrive. Need to spend some time with the stackable gain knobs. Goes from light drive to full blown Eric Johnson tones. If it’s good enough for Elliot Easton’s rig, it’s good enough for mine!

  • Great Pedal- but let's not get overly excited

    Verified Purchase

    I purchased this pedal bc I loved the overall/wide range tonal quality. So I put it next to the Fulldrive 2 and the AT pedal and it's tinty thin sound doesn't not compare to them- and the gap is quite a bit. It's a really good pedal but not like the school boy description below. C+

  • Great pedal, I use two!

    Verified Purchase

    Liked it so much I have two on my board, one for rhythm crunch and the other for lead solos. Works great!

  • Verified Purchase

    Trato excelente y envío rápido. Material en perfectas condiciones. Gracias

  • Mind blowing Drive

    I am a huge fan of Lovepedal, their sound is perfect for guitar players, never thin or bass heavy or overly sharp. Fully balanced with perfect amount of mids. This pedal has one of the most independent tones which is like a mix of 5e3, blackface, marshall & zendrive type circuit. Too good! Must for every artist!