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Clean, quiet, and affordable enough for mere mortals to own, FMR Audio's Really Nice Preamp (or "RNP") packs a ton of value and honest-to-goodness quality into a small space with a small price tag. Perfect for mobile recordings rigs, tight control rooms where rack real estate is at a premium, or any studio simply looking to add more channels of transparent mic pre and DI to their arsenal, it also makes for a perfect partner to the RNC thanks to its TRS insert points.

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Product Specs

  • Really Nice Preamp RNP 8380
  • White
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States

More Information

The FMR Audio Really Nice Preamp is a no-frills two channel microphone preamp with 66dB of clean, quiet gain. It sports microphone and instrument inputs, and a balanced insert loop which can also be used as a bump-box to convert the popular RNC compressor to balanced operation.