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Reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Black Russian Big Muff Pi
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  • The black russian 4 screw is best version

    The 2000s black russian 4 screw version is my favorite big muff, and ive owned and still own, most of them including the vintage pricey ones. I love the saturation of the fuzz. It can easily act as an overdrive-distortion and fuzz. It stacks great with my other pedals, especially w/a booster in fron…

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  • That's A Keeper!

    Verified Purchase

    Been craving that Purling Hiss sound and this hits the spot!!! did an A/B with the JHS Muffuletta's Russian Big Muff setting and while JHS did come close-- nothing beats the original's richness & response. Get one!

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  • The Sleeper Vintage Big Muff

    These are in my humble opinion the sleeper of all vintage EHX Big Muffs! You can score these for under $100 and they can come in the original Russian wooden military surplus box! They sound much more like the later 70's silicon transistor versions and they do really great Pink Floyd style Big Muff T…

  • In Love

    Verified Purchase

    But beauty is in the ears of the beholder; I just needed to try this pedal once in my life, and not disappointed. The sound can't really be described in words, and it may not be what you thought you wanted, but you might (like myself) find that your sound/style might take an unexpected turn for…

  • Best Muff Fuzz IMO

    Verified Purchase

    Not a whole lot of versatility really, it sounds like a muff, not a fuzz face, tone bender or superfuzz... But it is the best sounding muff I've ever heard. The volume pot works kind of funny, but it's not that big of an issue. The EQ is where this big muff excels... Just perfect, VERY usable at al…