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Greetings from the Zorro Sounds Family, your one stop shop for all things personal audio and music. From ukuleles, personal audio, headphones, amps, speakers, guitars, drums, and DJ equipment , we carry it all. At Zorro Sounds our commitment is always to you, the customer. We know you have numerous options of places to purchase your products from, and we just appreciate the chance to show you why we are different. From the parent buying their child's first instrument , to the performer who needs gig equipment by the weekend, down to the music enthusiast trying to recreate the sound from their favorite concert at home, Zorro Sounds is here to help. We understand music is the beat of your life the Zorro Sounds Team just wants to make sure it sounds awesome.
At Zorro Sounds our mission is simple, to spread our passion and knowledge of music to you the customer, and provide the very best shopping experience possible. Because musical preferences vary from person to person, we always offer one-on-one personalized customer service. Whether you have a question about how a product works, need a recommendation for the latest must have gear, or just want to share your love of music, we are here!
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. At Zorro Sounds, we continuously strive to provide our customers with the comfort and security of knowing they can rely on us 100% always. Your enthusiasm and feedback is what drives us to do better and constantly improve. If you have any questions or simply want to leave us feedback or comments we would love to hear from you!