Scitscat Music


Welcome to ScitScat Music!
Scitscat's aim is to please and have been doing just that since 1994, over 100,000 Internet and store transactions in that time.

Music is our love and we have GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) just like you. We buy studios, closeouts, and other gear in quantity and pass the savings on to you, our customers and friends.

We are musicians who write, record, produce, and play live just like you! We absolutely love music.

Our gear changes on an hourly basis and so will our website, so check back often as you won’t want to miss out on some unbelievable gear! I guarantee you that you will love doing business with us! You have my word on that.


Scott "Scitscat" Katz

We started selling online in 1999, and have had a Store in South Florida since 2003. We have been in business over 15 Years and we are NOT going anywhere.

Ask around, we've been in the business, and we plan on staying.

We sell to Musician's ALL around the world. Our clients and customers range from beginners to professionals.