Ray's Custom Shop


Ray's Custom Shop is our effort to provide musicians and craftsmen with a better resource for their guitar and bass projects. We've been selling online for a decade.

We follow very simple principles:

- Just the Good Stuff: We carry great brands like Seymour Duncan, Tone Pros, Graph Tech, Grover, Allparts, CTS, Gotoh, Kluson, and more. No stripped-down import guitars sold as "new parts", no factory blow-outs of discontinued junk distributors can't sell.

- Customers have questions. We give them real answers: We all need better info than marketing hype out of catalog. Our customer service comes from real-world practitioners who have used these products for many years and know how important these purchase decisions can be to a project. We go out of our way to make sure our customers can make informed decisions by supplying the best info available. We couple the info and advice with extensive hands-on experience.

- We need guitar parts NOW. So do our Customers: Your order will ship in less than one business day after payment clears in nearly all instances. Our back-office and fulfillment operation is fully automated, committed to getting your order right the first time, and blazing fast.

Three simple principles. The results? Many, many thousands (nicely into 6-figures in number...) of happy customers on five continents, many of whom return regularly.

We’re committed to being the premier resource for discriminating musicians who know better than to pay top-dollar just for hype, who want their questions answered by people who know what they are talking about, who demand premier service and reliability. That's what we do, that's all we do.