Jack's Guitarcheology


Jack's Guitarcheology specializes in weirdo and specialty guitars, vintage to modern. I specifically seek out dimestore guitars from yesteryear: Silvertone, Teisco, Kay, Hondo, Harmony, Conrad, Kent, Kingston, Kawai, Aria, Truetone, Airline, National, Maxitone and Danelectro...just to name a few.

This is my how I turned a hobby into additional income. Here is how it works: I find the guitars on some dark corner of the world/internet, I fix them up into the best possible playing shape, I play them until I am bored with them, then I sell them.

Every guitar I get in gets the following: A good clean and polish, rosewood fingerboards get lemon oil treatment, each guitar gets new strings and finger ease, and electrics get the electronics cleaned with contact cleaner. I will never sell guitars that are unplayable unless they are clearly marked as "non-functioning" and those items will be sold "as is." I am diligent about being as open and honest as possible in my descriptions. If you have any complaints or questions, I am a reasonable guy and would be happy to help.

*THIS STORE IS IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM ASSOCIATED WITH GUITAR MILL/MARIO GUITARS. Yes, I work for them. No, this has nothing to do with that. These are guitars I have bought, fixed and am selling as a civilian.*