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Jack's Guitarcheology is a Nashville, TN area purveyor of weirdo and specialty guitars, vintage to modern. My name is Jack and I am a guitarcheologist with an affinity for all things funky and drench…
About Jack's Guitarcheology

Jack's Guitarcheology is a Nashville, TN area purveyor of weirdo and specialty guitars, vintage to modern. My name is Jack and I am a guitarcheologist with an affinity for all things funky and drenched in mojo. Take a peak into my world -- check out @jacksguitarcheology on Instagram or www.jacksguitarcheology.com.

BRICK AND MORTAR LOCATION NOW OPEN! You can now visit Jack's Guitarcheology at
107 Public Square in Lebanon, TN.
Wednesday -Saturday -- 10am-6pm.
Sundays -- Noon-5pm.

In my guitarcheological digs, I specifically seek out dimestore guitars from yesteryear: Silvertone, Teisco, Kay, Hondo, Harmony, Conrad, Kent, Kingston, Kawai, Aria, Truetone, Airline, National, Maxitone, Valco and Danelectro...just to name a few. I also specialize in top-notch partscasters, intriguing pieces of playable art, bizarre (and admittedly obnoxious) noise makers, vintage obscure guitar parts that you absolutely have to have and my signature goldfoil pickup-equipped vintage acoustic guitars.

Every guitar in my shop gets the following: A good clean and polish, rosewood fingerboards get lemon oil treatment, a professional set up for smooth playing action, new strings and finger ease, repair and restorations as needed and electrics get the electronics cleaned and conditioned with contact cleaner. I will never sell guitars that are unplayable unless they are clearly marked as "non-functioning" and those items will be sold "as described." I am diligent about being as open and honest as possible in my descriptions. If you have any complaints or questions, I am a reasonable & friendly (and not to mention humble) guy and would be happy to help.

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Shipping Policy

I will ship with tracking to the listed regions. To negotiate shipping rates to other locations, please send me a message. Items will usually ship within 1-3 business days. If it will be longer than that for some reason, I will send a message to notify the buyer.

I frequently tour and go out to play music on weekends or for a week or so at a time, as I am also a professional bass player. I only take my store down when I am going to be gone for a week or more. So, you might buy something that takes a little more than the aforementioned 1-3 business days if I am out on the road. I will ALWAYS notify the customer if shipping is going to be delayed for any reason, and if this poses a problem, refunds will be considered on a case by case basis.

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE INFLICTED IN TRANSIT! I do not feel as though it is my place to pay for Fed-Ex or USPS's mishandling of their cargo. Every package I mail is insured, and if your product is damaged in transit, I will glad to help you call the carrier and get your insurance payment. I have been packing guitars and shipping guitars for over ten years, and this has been a problem maybe twice, but both times Fed-Ex tried to claim that it was my fault/the product was shipped improperly so they would not have to make good on the insurance pay-out that I pay extra to have. All of my packing jobs are double checked and shake tested. I am very meticulous about packing. Remember that any time you order a guitar online you risk losing it or damaging it, and it will most likely need to be re-set up once you receive it.

I am a reasonable guy and might make exceptions to this rule if I feel as though I have made an error, but I refuse to pay for someone else's mistakes. AGAIN: Remember, anytime you get a guitar shipped (not just from me), you take the risk of it breaking or losing it.

SHIPPING COST DISCLAIMER: Shipping prices are as marked and are non-negotiable before or after the fact. Shipping costs presented as "Shipping and Handling," which means they can include, but are not limited to: shipping materials, fees, insurance etc. NOT just the sticker price of the label.

P.O. BOX OR PREFERRED SHIPPING METHOD DISCLAIMER: My primary method of shipping large items (I.E. guitars, basses, amps) is UPS as they are substantially cheaper than USPS and provide better insurance. If you choose a P.O. Box as your delivery address, it forces me to ship via USPS it may incur additional shipping charges that you will be responsible for to cover any and all overages. My shipping rates are quoted pertaining to the rates I get with my preferred carriers. If you want me to ship with your preferred carrier, or you have special/complicated shipping instructions, you may be required to pay additional fees to cover the costs.

Return Policy

New Items

Returnable within 14 days of delivery.

Used & Vintage Items

Returnable within 7 days of delivery.

General Terms

Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described.

Special Conditions

Buyer assumes ALL shipping when dealing with returns. I.E. Once the item is purchased and shipped, the shipping has been spent and is non-refundable. You will be refunded the total of the item sans any applicable fees, but not the shipping. I feel this is only fair, as I do not feel responsible to pay the initial shipping cost NOR the return shipping cost of returned items. Most of my used items have a 7 day return policy (as is standard by Reverb.) I rarely sell new items, so 14 days on new items is solely there because it is Reverb's standard policy. If the return is due to an error of my own, I will be glad to help you pay costs, because I am a reasonable guy and I like to do business fairly. If the restocking is a major hassle, OR I did any special work to the guitar or took any special measures in the initial shipment, I reserve the right to hold a 15% restocking fee to compensate me for any extra time I spend on the order. I will reserve the restocking fee for complicated or time consuming returns only. Vintage and dimestore guitar disclaimer: vintage and dimestore guitars were made in America, Japan or another country 50+ years ago to be sold in a dimestore catalog such as Sears, Western Audio or Woolworth. These are not, nor will they ever be, modern, boutique or factory guitars. Guitars like these are full of unique character and warm, full tone. They usually provide a great niche sound and make for an excellent conversation starter. However, they will never set up, intonate and play like a modern guitar. Most necks didn't have adjustable truss rods, so they usually lean a little one way or the other over time, causing the action to be a slight bit higher than what most modern guitar players are used to. This does not mean they are defective or inferior, they just have character. If a guitar is unplayable or the action is outrageously high, I will expressly say so in the ad. I would highly suggest reading and doing a little research BEFORE you buy. Please, feel free to love these guitars as much as I do, just remember that if you bought a 1950s Cadillac, you wouldn't expect it to have heated seats and XM radio. As a result of a few too many cases of people returning dimestore guitars due conditions I just described, I will now be omitting any guitar made before 1980 and/or guitars that DO NOT have an adjustable truss rod from my returns policy beginning on May 11th, 2017. These items will be marked "as described" from now on regardless of condition. GLUED DOWN FLOATING BRIDGE DISCLAIMER: Parlor and other "dimestore" guitars with floating bridges often have the bridges glued down to prevent slippage and sliding while strumming. Even though this is not a factory spec, over half of the dimestore and parlor guitars I sell have this mod, as it was about the most common mod on these guitars -- so as of 12/03/2018, "as described" pre-1980 dimestore guitars mentioned in the previous disclaimer WILL NOT be eligible for a refund because the floating bridge is glued down. I feel that this mod is so common that it does not need to be expressly mentioned, and I will ALWAYS fix the positioning if the bridge is glued in the wrong place for intonation. Due to the large amount of costs and hassle involved, as of 12/20/2017, all international shipping charges are non-refundable; even if you return the item, you will only be refunded for the price of the actual item, and only if it makes it across the world and back to me in once piece. Please do your research and be absolutely sure before ordering internationally. CONSIGNMENT DISCLAIMER: As of 01/01/2020, items that are sold by me on consignment from other parties will be sold "as described" and omitted from my returns policy. Absolutely no returns will be accepted on consignment items, as when consignment items sell, the consignee is paid out, and thus the money is spent. Returned consignment items leave me holding the bag and eating a big loss while I wait for the item to resell, and I simply cannot afford it in most cases. Please read my listings carefully, and double check to see if the item you are interested in is a consignment item before you buy. REVERB SALE OFFERS POLICY: I am going to deny 95% of all offers submitted during a Reverb Sale. 15% is usually about the range in which I am comfortable discounting most items anyway. When there is a sale going on, consider the posted sale price a negotiated discount -- first come, first serve. Shoot your shot if you need to, but it is hard for me to come down another 10-15% when the guitar is already discounted. The older a piece of inventory is (i.e. the longer it has been listed on my store) the more likely I will be to negotiate on the price. Thanks for checking out my shop!

Make sure to check the return policy on each individual listing as some items may be sold "As-Described" and not eligible for a return.

Tax Policies

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