Bennett Music Labs


So, Why should you buy from me?

Its true, Bennett Music Labs is not a giant box discount store, and that on the surface, the selection of items listed is not anything to write home about.. but it is ALSO true that I do get and sell GREAT deals on vintage, Used and even brand new gear,
its just that the deals are so good, they simply don't hang around for long. Just check my feedback to see all the awesome gear I've sold over the last few years of being on Reverb.
So Check my listings often.
You never know when I'll have something really interesting listed.

I also have 39 years experience in Music, including retail sales, repair, manufacturing and the custom building of all types of musical gear.

I have a serious life long passion about guitars and all guitar related equipment.
I've worked for Gibson Guitars (Nashville) in the Steinberger/Tobias Basses division, and in 1994 I founded Warrior Instruments,
In 2007 myself and partners started J.Backlund Design Guitars and Retronix guitars.
I currently do contract work for Judah Guitars, handling all of their set ups and general wood working tasks. ( search "EVH Frankenstrat by Judah" here or at eBay to see those)

My little shop churns out custom guitars, amps, pedals, speaker cabinets, as well as doing full restorations, general repairs and retail sales of name brands like Gretsch, Charvel, Jackson, Supro, EHX, Boss, and a host of aftermarket pickups and parts.

My personal promise is that No guitar leaves my shop without playing its very best.
I hope you will give Bennett Music Labs the opportunity to serve you.

Thank you
Bruce Bennett