Video: Farm Pedals Subsoiler Fuzz

Out of a tiny town in Western Maine comes Farm Pedals. While most of the time at Hancock Family Farm is spent growing and harvesting vegetables, the Hancocks also moonlight as a small, boutique pedal builder specializing in high-quality, handmade stompboxes. Today, Andy is turning his attention to the company's Subsoiler Fuzz.

Fittingly, the Subsoiler Fuzz is named after a piece of farm equipment that's dragged behind a tractor with the purpose of breaking up compacted soil with its sharp tines. And like its namesake, this stompbox is a subsonic fuzz, designed with your low-end frequencies in mind.

The pedal features a few important controls, like compression, volume, a low-pass filter, and a fuzz gate that all interact for a wide range of sonic capabilities. Be sure to watch the full demo above to see what kinds of sounds Andy can coax from this pedal, and click here to buy your own Subsoiler Fuzz on Reverb now.

Gear Used In This Video:

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