Video: Chase Bliss Audio Condor Demo

Earlier this year, Chase Bliss Audio announced a brand-new combination preamp, EQ, and filter effect pedal called the Condor that would be hitting the streets in April. Joel from Chase Bliss joined Andy in the Reverb booth at NAMM to tell us a little about it, but with the pedal's release this week, Andy finally got to get his hands on one in the studio.

Like the rest of the stompboxes in the Chase Bliss line, the Condor boasts an all-analog signal path with a digital control set, presets, and MIDI integration. It features a parametric mids control for boosting or cutting from 150Hz to 5kHz and a bass boost/cut control with three intensity settings. The Condor also boasts an LFO, with ramping/hold functionality for filter trem effects.

Be sure to check out Andy's full demo above to see what the Condor can do, and click here to pick up your own Condor right now on Reverb.

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