Reverb Top 5: Artists Share Their Favorite Gear

The concept is simple: We asked some of our favorite artists and creators to share their favorite gear with us. We ended up inspired, entertained, and—in some cases—downright surprised by their picks. So what would be in your #ReverbTop5?

Yvette Young

Multi-instrumentalist and full-time guitar hero Yvette Young put out an album, Technicolor, with Covet earlier this year. Which effects inspired Yvette’s Technicolor tones?

Rachel K Collier

We asked electronic musician and producer Rachel K Collier to share some of her must-have gear picks. Here's the armful of sonic treasures she would save from a burning building.

Bianca Richardson

Drummer Bianca Richardson (a.k.a. b.richdrumz)’s behind-the-kit chops and boundless enthusiasm make her a natural inspiration for music makers. But what inspires Bianca’s own process?

Andrew Huang

Musician, producer, and YouTube personality Andrew Huang is well-known for his wild and inspiring sonic experimentations. So which Eurorack modules topped his list in 2020?

Gothic Tropic

Cecilia Peruti (Gothic Tropic) has toured the globe with world-famous acts like Beck and Charli XCX, and keeps her own fans on their toes with songs spanning a range of styles from neo-psychedelia to infectious alt-pop and beyond… So what specific instruments shaped this sonic chameleon’s sound?

Big Freedia

Bounce music legend Big Freedia revolutionized the way we move with her signature blend of high-impact rhythm and New Orleans soul. But what should you be shaking when you hear one of her party-starting jams?

Music Is Win

Tyler Larson regularly spotlights his gear nerdery on his popular YouTube channel, Music Is Win. But which prestige pieces are on his list of truly drool-worthy gear?

Butch Walker

Butch Walker is a musician, a songwriter, and a producer who has spent decades collecting gear and well-earned accolades—both as a solo performer and by crafting hits for the likes of huge acts like Green Day, Weezer, and Taylor Swift. So which game-changing gear made his personal Top 5?

Peter Cottontale

Chicago-based producer, performer, and keys hero Peter Cottontale has a habit of teaming up with some of the biggest names in music (Chance the Rapper, SZA, Yebba) to create playlists full of memorable tracks. So what pieces of gear left him totally starstruck?

Chloe Chaidez

Self-described “alien-girl” Chloe Chaidez has been fronting high-flying, L.A.-based rock outfit KITTEN since its formation. So what are some of the sonic secrets behind the band’s energetic sound?

Madame Gandhi

The exceptional Madame Gandhi has toured the globe with M.I.A., graduated from Harvard Business School, run several marathons, and continues to be a forward-thinking musician, producer, artist, and activist. So what instruments does a gear lover who does it all like to have on hand in the studio?

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