Roaring straight out of 1987 when it was introduced to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the company, the Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee 100W Reissue captures the tones of the original which changed the amp game forever, Bringing together features like triode/pentode switching, a preamp circuit with clean, rhythm clip, and lead modes, and improved switching circuitry, this model capitalizes on the huge tone of the original which attracted players like John Frusciante, Rich Robinson, and Slash.

Product Specs

  • 2555X Silver Jubilee 100W Reissue
  • Silver
  • 2015
Made In
  • United Kingdom

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Reviews for the Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee 100W Reissue
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  • Verified Purchase

    All gain and no pain.

  • Verified Purchase

    Awesome Amp. Thanks Renee.

  • This amp is me . I picked up my first guitar in 1970 I love Classic rock 80's rock Hard blues rock to the house of the rising son lol. Long story short I bought the last 3 flagship Marshall heads and I could not find my sound finally I bought the Jubilee 2550 reissue Head this amp is exactly…

  • Cajundood

    Verified Purchase

    AWESOME AMP! I wanted a new Marshall Silver Jubilee 100W head and I hunted this amp down all over the US with no results. Many online guitar and music stores listed this amp as "in-stock" so I ordered with my credit card many times. They subsequently sent me an email telling me that it was either…

  • Verified Purchase

    I have this amp paired with the 2551AV 4x12 and it is huge sounding just like a Marshall should. The clean channel actually has a lot of headroom even on the 50 watt setting. The hi gain channel gets plenty of crunch but I run an 808 type overdrive In front for leads. The fx loop is nice and doesn'…