The EarthQuaker Devices Spatial Delivery is a powerful voltage-controlled envelope filter wrapped in a small enclosure. It has three modes: upsweep, downsweep, and the unique sample and hold function similar to the infamous Maestro Sample & Hold stompbox, which randomizes the voltage filter producing a drippy, almost ringmod-like effect. Perfect for auto-wah lovers and fantastic either by itself or with a drive, the EQD Spatial Delivery is hard to beat for filter fanatics and sonic experimenters.

Product Specs

  • Spatial Delivery Sample & Hold Envelope Filter V2
  • Graphic
  • 2010s
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the EarthQuaker Devices Spatial Delivery Sample & Hold Envelope Filter V2
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  • Cool idea; Too tweakable

    Not easy to get a useable sound, too much sweep in the knobs, not enough controls to dial in what I am looking for.

  • Verified Purchase

    Great for both bass and guitar! I use it for funky bass!

  • Brings the funk

    Verified Purchase

    There are lots of reviews of V1, so I’m mostly going to say what I like that’s unique to V2. Momentary operation is really useful, especially when running the Spatial Delivery into a delay. It really gives you the ability to take this pedal from auto-wah to regular wah, adding a “wah” sound only to …

  • Verified Purchase

    Best envelope filter ive ever used!