The Roland Juno-60 is a 61-key six-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer manufactured by Roland between 1982 and 1984. The successor to the Roland Juno-6, the Juno-60 adds a patch memory of 56 presets while keeping many of the same features. It offers on-board chorus effects, digitally-controlled analog oscillators, low-pass and high-pass filters, and the option to arpeggiate and sequence notes when connected with the JSQ-60 sequencer. Although it doesn't offer MIDI functionality like its successor the Roland Juno-106, the Juno-60 is often regarded as having a better sound than the Juno-106. The Juno series is renowned for its influence on electronic music, and the Juno-60 is considered a classic vintage synth after its use by artists such as Vince Clarke, The Cure, Eurythmics, and Enya.

Product Specs

  • Juno-60
  • Black
  • 1982 - 1984
Made In
  • Japan
Number of Keys
  • 61 Keys

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Reviews for the Roland Juno-60 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer
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  • Most inspiring and yet simple synth that created a generation.

    Verified Purchase

    Think of your favorite 80s songs. Yup, they used a Juno 60 for that one. You can play countless emulations of the Juno 60 but as soon as you play a note on the real thing you will immediately understand why it is held to such standards. It is gritty, it is punchy, but it can be as soft and dreamy …

  • Juno (2007)

    One of the thematic values that Juno encapsulates is the foreshadowing of unconditional love for an unwanted child, who she, herself was, unwanted. Beneath the veneer that was the comedic element present throughout, it was a great reminder to audiences that Juno was simply just a little girl going t…

  • Classic 80s

    Simply The best Juno of them all !

  • Verified Purchase

    Excellent range of patches with great vintage sounds. Love the arpeggio function and how easy it is to use and manipulate for different effects. The chorus is beautiful, too. Very inspiring and fun to use.

  • Roland Juno-60

    Verified Purchase

    Very good sinthesizer ,and man what a chorus .the arpegio are very good too , sound clean puchy and got bass , all "IN YOUR FACE " like my others analog mono synths, but 6 Poly !