The Best Looper Pedals on Reverb

The most popular looper pedals on Reverb, updated daily.

While loopers are seen on many guitarists' pedalboards, these effects are unique for their ability to offer new creative possibilities with nearly any instrument you could think of. Complex piano and synth arrangements, experimental vocals, and even layered drums are all possible with these nifty little boxes.

So, then, how do you choose the best looper pedal for you?

From the fan-favorite simplicity of the TC Electronic Ditto Looper to the expansive possibilities of the Boss RC-300 Loop Station, a multitude of options is available for purchase with advantages to each. To help you find the right looper for your rig, we put together this live list of the best-selling, best-reviewed loopers currently on Reverb.

The list below updates daily and reflects the most popular looper pedals on Reverb according to buyers on the platform. Click on each entry for more info and check out the bottom of the page for details to consider when buying the right looper for your rig.

What to Consider When Buying a Looper Pedal

Number of Channels

First question: how many loops do you want? For players who just want a backing track or some ambient sound, a straightforward, single-channel pedal like the Ditto or Boss RC-3 are both affordable and easy to operate. If you want to run multiple parts simultaneously and create your own soundscapes, more involved units like the Boss RC-505 or truly enormous Headrush Looperboard will keep you hitting switches and adding layers indefinitely.

Loop Time Length

Second: how long do you need your loop to be? For instance, the Ditto (it gets mentioned often because it's something of an industry standard) can hold up to five minutes of recorded sound, which is plenty for most players. Of course, you can go even longer, like the 12-minute madness of the Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper.

Onboard Effects

Did you get looper in my delay or did I get delay in your looper? The point here is that plenty of pedal have looping capabilities built right in if you want multiple effects in one fell swoop. Some fan-favorite options include the TC Electronic Flashback Delay, Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon, and mind-bending Montreal Assembly Count to 5.

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