Ned Steinberger founded Steinberger Sound in 1980 after experimenting with guitar building from an industrial design perspective and debuting his unusual layout in 1979. Most of the guitars built featured "headless" necks with tuners behind the bridge and feature composite construction (epoxy resin with glass and carbon fibers). 

In 1986 Gibson bought Steinberger Sound and continues to facilitate production and expand the line of instruments into the 2010s. 

The XL-2 bass was constructed with a one-piece solid molded resin body and neck, with a 24-fret phenolic fretboard and standard Steinberger bridge. It used two EMG humbuckers and came standard in a black finish, with a red finish and a fretless fingerboard as custom options. 

Years of Production: 1984 - 1993

Product Specs

  • XL-2
  • Black
  • 1984
Made In
  • United States

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