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The JHS Colour Box is a stompbox preamp like no other. By accurately replicating the gain stages and circuitry of an authentic Neve recording console, the Colour Box puts the classic guitars and bass tones of no less than the Beatles at your feet. This pedal makes a fantastic addition to any home recording setup, and features XLR ins and outs for easy use with any audio source.

Product Specs

  • Colour Box
  • White
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the JHS Colour Box
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  • JHS Colour Box

    Verified Purchase

    Pros: I initially got this pedal wanting to use it as a mic preamp for some gritty lofi sounds. I was able to do this well but it goes above and beyond what I expected from it in that it puts out great clean sounds, with its great EQ and highpass filter and ability to add tasteful gain/cleanly boost…

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  • Sold it immediately

    Verified Purchase

    Wish that I could have loved it, I really wanted to. I had read about a switching noise issue in some rigs due to the transformer and the pedal's true bypass switching. I can deal with some popping, however, I guess I just was unlucky and it didn't like my setup (Reverend Guitars, great pedals, 3rd …

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  • Kinda Sounds Like Shit

    Verified Purchase

    I LOVE JHS, but this pedal kinda sounds bad. (Unless I'm doing something wrong, which is quite possible.) I get that it's supposed to sounds kinda gnarly like an overdriven board, but this is NOT a pleasing gnarly -- it's harsh...sounds like I'm playing through a distortion pedal with a dying 9V batter.

  • Very versatile, but it takes time to appreciate all it can do

    Verified Purchase

    I bought one of these after watching the demos on YouTube from JHS and others. I am a guitar player who is a fan of boost/preamp pedals more than distortion, so this seemed to be right up my alley. I've also loved the preamp sound for a long time, though I didn't know how it was created (until rec…

  • Pedalboard MicPre

    I have used this as a drive pedal for guitar and it can produce some gnarly tones but I find it more useful as a mic preamp if you want a good saturated sound. It does have a noise floor that some will find annoying but for my style of music I find this pedal to be a great tool for recording drums. …