Noir Et Blanc Vie on the Top 3 Synths He Regrets Selling

In recent months, we've teamed up with a slew of different YouTubers to bring you new videos on all things gear and production. You've seen sequencing sorcerer Bo Beats throw down some basic knowledge on how to assemble a synth rig and the always inspiring Andrew Huang get his hands on some of the weirdest gear on Reverb.

This week, we're back with a new collaboration with YouTube channel Noir Et Blanc Vie, which is chock full of slick, informative reflections and demonstrations on the wide world of modern synthesis.

For this video, Mr. Noir takes us on a journey back in time as he laments a trio of synths that departed his collection a bit too early: a Juno-106, a Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak, and a Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard. These synths all had something special to offer that maybe wasn't entirely apparent on first patch.

Watch the video above for more on what makes these synths so hard to lose, and be sure to check out the Noir Et Blanc Vie channel for more great coverage of all things synth.

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