Weird Gear with Andrew Huang, Episode 1: The Maestro Rhythm King

If you’re a gearhead and an unconventional music lover, chances are you’ve come across Andrew Huang while poking around YouTube. Andrew’s channel is a cornucopia of creative musical content, showcasing his penchant for finding weird gear, writing weird songs, and making all kinds of weird music.

Here at Reverb, we’re big fans of Andrew and are stoked to present the first episode of a new series we’re collaborating with him on: Weird Gear.

For each episode, Andrew is going to hunt down the weirdest piece of gear that he can find on Reverb and use it to make an original song, which you'll then be able to download for free right here on Reverb.

In the first episode above, Andrew snags a vintage ‘60s drum machine called the Maestro Rhythm King.

Later drum machines iterated on this very rudimentary platform, adding more functionality and thickening up the tone enough to use the machines in lieu of a real kit, but most artists using a Rhythm King at the time were using it in addition to their acoustic kits.

For his song, Andrew thickens the tone of the Rhythm King by running the machine through Ableton Live's amp emulator for added character and depth. If you like the finished track, you can click here to download Andrew's original song now.

Weird Gear Vol. 1 - Rhythm King
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