Video: Ibanez Launches New "NU Tubescreamer"

Ibanez has officially added another entry to the Tube Screamer series this year, with the release of the NTS (or, NU Tubescreamer) overdrive.

The pedal incorporates Korg's NuTube technology—also found in amps like the Vox MV50—to add another tube-like sonic dimension to the stalwart overdrive circuit. In addition to Drive, Level, and Tone knobs, this Tube Screamer iteration also has a Mix control to further contour the overdriven output.

The release of this pedal expands Ibanez's current Tube Screamer lineup to a total of eight pedals, in addition to the vast array of vintage and discontinued models available on the used market. In this, the NTS joins standards like the TS-9, as well as newer additions like the TS-Mini.

Check out the video above to hear what sorts of tones Andy is able to coax from the brand new stompbox.

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