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Reviews for the Vox MV50 AC Compact 50w Guitar Amp Head
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  • Smallest and best!

    Verified Purchase

    I tried a small solid state multi voice amp and didn't care for any of the voices. Then I switched to a tiny tube amp with surprisingly little volume, and one voice that I didn't much care for. Enter the Vox MV50- AC. I love it, bright but not tinny, lots of headroom, plenty loud enough for anyth…

  • Big Vox Sound. Itty Bitty Living space.

    Verified Purchase

    A friend of mine who does tech for many touring bands was telling me about how one of the bands has been using these on stage to get the vox sound. They've been rigging them up to old marshall cabs and getting great results out of them. I decided for the price point I'd toss one of these into the st…

  • Neat little device.

    Verified Purchase

    I actually have an AC30, which I love, but getting it all hooked up to do recording for every little thing can be a bit much. Having cab simulation built into the line out of this little device was a really handy selling point for me. I keep it really clean and run pedals into it for some overdrive …

  • strangely awesome

    Verified Purchase

    All my tube amps died within a few weeks of each other after spending $600 about 2 months earlier on maintenance. Out of frustration i bought 2 of these and now run a wet dry rig that i can throw in a back pack. One is the clean version for the effected signal and the AC version for the dry slight…

  • Recording magic

    I have this plugged into my Focusrite audio interface and it adds so much more tone and grit to my sound. The tube technology in this little amp is amazing and it is very simple to use. It doesn't have a built in effects loop which some have complained about. I guess if you were to use this to powe…