Item: All Nace Amps

Amplifier: Ten (10) years parts and labor

Speaker(s): One (1) year parts and labor

Cabinet(s): One (1) year parts and labor

Excluded Warranty Items: Tube(s), Fuses, AC line cord.

1. Nace Amps reserves the right to refuse, for warranty, any damaged, misused, or modified units.
2. In the event Nace Amps refuses the unit for warranty, Nace Amps shall contact the buyer with a quote for repairs. The buyer shall be required to authorize the charges prior to non-warranty service being performed.
3. The buyer is responsible to properly package the product for shipment.
4. Nace Amps shall pay any shipping charges for the first year of the warranty.
5. This warranty is transferable.
6. Nace Amps reserves the right to make electronic/mechanical/cosmetic changes without notice.