We Buy Basses

Thanks for checking my Reverb site. I am a musician (Bass/Guitar/Vocals) and have collected vintage basses and guitars since 1974.

I only purchase basses or guitars that I would be proud to own - great players in all original condition. Low action with no fret buzz, straight necks, outstanding feel and sound, not too heavy and that magic sensation when you pickup an instrument and "fall in love".

I also know that as a buyer, nobody should be stuck with an instrument that is not to their liking and so I as a dealer, I offer a full money back return privilege if you don't love the instrument. I do not buy or trade in refinished, cracked, routed, or instruments with replaced parts. Over the years, I have turned up several original owner instruments, many in pristine condition. I don't like the term Near Mint (these are not coins!) and try hard to give an on-line description that is as complete as can be so there are no surprises.

All instruments are available for inspection on Long Island.

Please let me know if you have a specific instrument you are looking for and be sure to check my listing from time to time. I am always on the lookout for amazing instruments and am open to trades. I will travel to purchase a single instrument or a collection. I also love to "talk vintage" so feel free to call and say hello whenever you like.

Please know that I do pay finders' fees for referrals.

Hope you'll checkout my band when you have a minute (YouTube B Side Bandits) There are videos of some amazing basses. All the best, Todd