Right now, somewhere, a neglected guitar is gathering dust in closet. My mission is to find it, restore it so that it sings, and get it into the hands of someone who’ll play and love it. As my daughter says, I foster guitars.

A gallery of past and current projects is at www.vintagesoulguitars.com, or browse my Reverb shop to see what I have for sale.

Every guitar goes through the following checklist:

*Disassemble, clean and degrease all parts, clean body cavity.
*Condition fretboard.
*Clean electrical contacts.
*Tighten loose screws, jacks, etc.
*Polish - StewMac Preservation or Gibson polish, no silicone EVER.
*Fresh strings, chosen to match the guitar.
*Set action and intonation, if needed.
*Test all electronics.
*Minor repairs as needed.

If I don't love playing it - I won't sell it. If you don't love playing it, let me know, and we'll make it right.

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