Texas Tone Amps

Texas Tone™ Amps are built with a discerning musician's care. Every component, every wire lead, every solder joint, is carefully selected, laid out, bent, and soldered to ensure long life, optimal tone, and low noise. To further reduce amp hum, I follow modern electrical engineering practice and use a modified single point grounding scheme.

"The 'Texas Tone 12' amp from Blumentritt Amplification [has] the crisp cleans, and crunchy punch and pop I'm always looking for... it is definitely the sound of Austin, Texas, right there." - Mark Daven, Guitar Radio Show

"Texas Tone... these custom amps are remarkable! His stuff was just amazingly impressive!!! They were awesome...and totally handmade custom...coolest amps I have ever seen!" - Lauraine O'Toole, musician and audio engineer.

"Revved 'Blondie' up in the garage today.....dude, THE BEST amp choice I ever made!" - John Barnes, musician, talking about his Texas Tone 12.