RJS Amplification


Hand made Plexi inspired 50 and 100 watt amplifiers. Heads, and combos. 30 plus years in Guitar Manufacturing from Charvel to Tom Anderson. RJS was established in 2008. All built in the USA. All amps use SoZo Caps, Xicon 1 watt Resistors, F&T Filter Caps, Belton Sockets and tube retainers, Merren Transformers, Hand made turret boards made of Paxolin from the UK, Brass mounting hardware, steel chassis with welded corners for strength, cabs made in Grand Junction Colorado, Zero Loss FX Loops by Metro Amps,

~ RJS 68/50 Non master or master volume.
~ RJS 68/100 Non master or master volume.
~ RJS 76/50 Master Volume
~ RJS 76/100 Master Volume
~ RJS TG100 Tracii Guns Amp
~ RJS 76/100 #34 Frank Levi Amp
~ RJS 68/50 1x12 or 2x12 Combo with Celestion Creamback speaker.
~ RJS 76/50 1 x12 or 2 x12 Combo w/Creambacks.