Riff City Guitar's Reverb site has been created to give Reverb customers an opportunity to purchase items from Riff City Guitar using the Reverb platform if that is their preferred way to purchase. The products listed are fed from our direct website site to the Reverb store and most of the items we have are included in the feed, but not all. We do not sell exclusive models, colors or limited run/hard to find items or some accessories/cases on Reverb. If you have initially found one of our product offerings by way of Reverb, please make that purchase here as a courtesy to Reverb. Please do not assume that offerings/services on our direct website will/can be available on Reverb.

Here are some Frequently Asked Question topics:

GUITAR SETUP and SERVICES: Please note that to be competitive with other Reverb sellers, guitars sold on Reverb will only include the manufacture's original setup but will be thoroughly inspected by our techs before the guitar leaves our facility. Some additional setup by you can be anticipated. This varies by brand and climate changes.

OFFERS: We have activated the "Make Offer" button on all items that we are willing to negotiate on, but if the button is not active, it means we are NOT entertaining offers.

ADDITIONAL PICTURES & WEIGHTS: We cannot weigh or take additional pictures of guitars listed on Reverb. In the past, we have experienced a very low ratio of sales to effort providing this service to Reverb customers, so we have chosen to stop offering it. In many cases, and at an increasing rate, we do provide actual pictures and weights of guitars, but that is not always possible, particularly on lower priced items. PLEASE CHECK: If we have weighed a guitar, the weight will be listed in the specs. If the picture set includes a picture with a serial number, that indicates the pictures are actual. We accept that weight and actual pictures are critical to some buyers and realize that this may preclude you from purchasing from us, and we understand.

TRADES: Because we are a retail store, the only trades or purchases-we can consider would be at wholesale pricing for your item off of the retail price of our item. For example, if there are "sold" transactions for your item in Reverb's price guide or eBay for $950, our offer will likely be $760 down to $475 (20% to 50% less), based on how long we think it will take to sell. If you are interested in selling or trading your item at a wholesale price, we would be happy to make you an offer. Otherwise, we will not be interested in trading 2 items of like value because, as a store, there is no value to be gained.