Newman Guitars

Ted was the sole guitar caretaker for the Stones from 1972 to 1978. Keith Richards and Ted developed the first 5 string Open G guitar and designed the body style of which is known as the Ted Newman Jones guitar. He set up shop in Austin, TX later in 1978 with $10K from Keith as a severance. In Austin, he built guitars for Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, James Honeyman-Scott, Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams, George Jones, Billy Gibbons, Rick Richards, Joe Ely, Peter Buck and many more. His building techniques, asymmetrical neck carve, headstock angle and body design have been captured and with the Newman Guitars of today. I worked countless hours with Ted in making sure all aspects of guitars bearing his name and design meet with his vision. I am grateful to have worked so closely with Ted that I am sure we are creating the vision of his Legacy. Newman Guitars is a great American story! Jeff Smith/Newman Guitars