Music Toyz was started in 1991 when the owner Teddy Rasch found himself laid off from his job. Years of developing Kinko produced catalogs, and various mini ads in Guitar Player really did not produce much in the name of sales, but the over-all passion for guitar and it's toyz would pre-vail. 1996 with the birth of his first son he heard of this new thing called the internet and off we went.

We have morphed from EFXS unlimted, to to in 1998 we have walways worked hard to bring you the customer our experience, our stories and the GEAR ! From old school to new school - from fuzz to delay - from reliced to pristine - in the end it's all about the tone and inspiration to make music !

Drop us a line we love to hear from our customer's and help you anyway we can to reach tonal nirvana.....