Music Land


Started in Maryland 50 years ago by our founder Joe Noto, Music Land is one of the largest, full-service music stores in the Mid-Atlantic region. Acclaimed by customers and the industry leaders, Music Land has become a beloved tradition by offering quality musical products for five decades - including being an award-winning top 100 Fender dealer in the world!

Born in Sicily in 1942, Joe Noto was an avid accordion player who came to America at the age of 16, played in and lead several bands and opened his first music store in the 1960s. Sadly, Joe Noto passed away in May 2015, but his legacy will live on. Music Land remains owned and operated by Joe's family and the dedicated and talented team at the store, several members of whom have worked there for over three decades.

Everyone here at the land of music looks forward to helping you bring wonderful music into the world... just the way Joe would have wanted it.