We've been open up here in Northern CA for quite awhile now. This shop opened in the 70's, and has had 3 different owners since then. My two brothers and I purchased the business Sept 24 of 2009. Very much a family business.

Ever since then, we've been expanding our inventory, our space, building new displays, and servicing a larger and larger customer base.

When we stepped up to the plate, the store was quite a bit smaller. Since then, we've really expanded our lines in Guitars, Pedals, Amps, the works. (Fender, PRS, G&L, Marshall, Orange, Supro, Vox, so on and so forth)

Also, we love trade! We have quite a selection of cool used/trade-in stuff! We're always on the hunt for more, we trade at least every other day here in the shop (on average).

We are also home to Pedalopolis, a great big case of guitar effects pedals that we built ourselves. (Electro Harmonix, Pigtronix, Way huge, Boss, Visual Sound, all kinds of used and trade ins, so on and so forth!)

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