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Moxy Guitars - A DISTINCTIVE SOUND - "feed your obsession"

Writing and performing music is a highly creative process that is affected by the environment and tools you use. Moxy Guitars are designed to amplify your creativity. A Moxy channels innovation, so you can become a guitarist whose instrument resonates with your style.

Moxy Guitars are crafted with the same care and high-quality materials that we want for our own instruments. Don’t just take our word for it…

The Moxy Guitar is a very versatile professional instrument. Visually stunning with luxury and grittiness at the same time. Powered by Benson Custom "hand wound" pickups, along with the well-known Hipshot hardware. These instruments provides you just what you need as it pertains to music versatility and powerful tones. Moxy Guitars are identified by their unique Moxy headstock that stands out and clearly identifies the guitar.

Moxy Guitars has two shops: Standard and Custom Shop. The six flagship models used in both shops are the:
K.C. Juniper
M.E. Tuscany
A.J. Spirit
A.J. Monroe
A.J. Scully
A.J. Skinner

All instruments are manufactured in the USA from high-quality woods. Cherry wood is used on all Standard Shop models and captures the essence of the woods in an array of different colors. All the Standard models vary in wood textures. Even though the stains, special paints, and dyes are similar, each guitar will have its uniqueness due to varying wood textures. The Custom Shop uses various woods and are manufactured in array of unique models or series. It provides you with incredible designer guitars. Each professional-quality instrument is a unique work of art with its own identity.

Moxy Guitars also builds left-handed designer or custom guitars & basses; customizes hardware to make your instruments scream; and designs / builds amps & amp cabinets. Moxy Guitars offers a complete "in-house" Custom Shop.

You deserve a professional guitar that truly captures the essence of your music. Our goal is to make top notch professional instruments. Pick up your favorite design that resonates with your personal aesthetic. Moxy Guitars are visually stunning instruments with incredible playing flexibility and powerful tones.

Contact Moxy Guitars for your Standard or Custom build and let your dreams be born. Order thru Reverb.com. or contact Moxy Guitars directly.