Nestled in the heart of southeastern North Carolina, Burgaw is known for being a quaint railroad town with a rich history. With a population of only 3,872 people, visitors can expect to see acres of lush farmland, historic homes dotting fields, and a downtown so endearing it could rival Mayberry any day. Burgaw’s compact size allows for a tight-knit community where it’s not uncommon to run into a friend or neighbor at the local Piggly Wiggly grocery store. The small-town feel is captured even more through the relationships that locally owned businesses throughout the area share; from Brown Dog Coffee Company to Bandana’s Restaurant and Grill, visitors and locals welcome folks who encourage the growth of the local economy and support others who do the same.

This kind of Southern hospitality creates a positive environment for a company like Mojotone, where we pride ourselves on having high quality, handmade products. Here at Mojotone, we don’t just build our cabinets, our skilled wood shop employees craft them. We don’t just eject our pickups from a production line, we wind them up one turn at a time. And we don’t just mass manufacture our amps, we hand-wire each and every one. The craftsmanship that our dedicated and knowledgeable employees have allows us to produce some of the best items in the business, while still making them affordable for consumers across the industry.

Years of experience have allowed us to become familiar with other amplifiers on the market, where we have perfected a design that provides the owner with a product that will last them from it’s start in the garage to the first big performance on stage and beyond. A well-made amp line produced in a place that could easily be missed when driving down the highway, these products are as unique as the small businesses their hometown has to offer. And while they might be small town made, these amps can pump out some serious big city sound.

So next time you’re in the market for a new amp, take a few moments to hop over to www.mojotoneamps.com. We feel confident you’ll find one that’s just right for you, whether it’s a Deacon, a Hatteras or an MT Pilot. Rest assured, no matter which one you choose, your amp will be ready to give you the look, feel and sound you’ve been waiting for.

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