Most Manne instruments are made-to-order to the customer’s specs. However, we are beginning to directly sell a few pre-made instruments from time to time on Reverb as exclusive channel.

I am Andrea Ballarin, the luthier and owner at Manne.
Please feel free to contact me at any time if I can answer a question. Thanks for looking!!

Manne instruments are the natural results of our artisanal history: Essence of precision, functionality, playability and tone. All bodies and necks are hand crafted in our workshops, and most other components are engineered and developed by Manne.

Ergonomics, design and personality: Manne offers to musicians instruments ideated to be versatile and customizable, high quality, durable and reliable.

At Manne we have clear ideas: We know that “there is always a better way to do it”. This is our philosophy, which leads us to apply non conventional ideas.

With great passion and dedication, our instruments are widely appreciated internationally. As far back as 2005, Guitar Player Magazine in the USA reviewed a Manne Taos, comparing it to a Ferrari with respect to quality, engineering and design.

To date, we have sold 2,700 (about 100 each year) hand crafted instruments in 16 different countries, including China, Australia, South Africa, Finland, Sweden, UK and USA.

MANNE also produces special projects or “Special Edition” such as three instruments we built using a single Lagavulin whisky cask obtained from the distillery. These special instruments are developed based on specific collectors’ requests or on our own innovative design ideas.

Among all the many talented musicians playing our instruments, some are internationally known, including Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Zucchero, Gil Dor (Noa), Jasun & Troy Tipton, Dominique Di Piazza.