Jennings Guitars


Jennings Guitars is a custom guitar company composed of two luthiers who sought out to combine their love for music and woodworking. Both Devin Murdoch and Chad Jennings strive to build the best guitars they can starting with hand selecting the highest quality materials. Jennings Guitars are built one-by-one to ensure the highest attention to detail. Their greatest joy is seeing their clients come alive with excitement when they play a Jennings Guitar.

Chad Jennings is certified in the field of guitar making and repair and has over 10 years experience in the field.

Devin Murdoch has 6 years in the field of guitar making and repair and over 10 years carpentry experience. He also has 8 years experience as an audio engineer.

Jennings Guitars is known for their custom acoustic and electric guitars as well as their high quality guitar repair. They aim to provide their customers with the best product and the best experience they can.