We specialize in electric and acoustic guitars and tube amps. Vintage, new and used. We put special emphasis on guitars and amps built prior to WWII as well as the 1940's, 50's, 60's and 70's by offbeat brands like Kay, Harmony, Silvertone, Teisco, Norma, Univox, Daion, Fujigen Gakki, Guyatone, Hayashi/Zenon, Kawai, Magnavox/Ampeg, Matsumoku, Takamine, Tokai, Yamaha/Nippon Gakki, Yamaki, Greco, ESP, Navigator, Edwards, Burny, Fernandes, Crestwood, Kent, Ibanez, Kingston, Orpheus, Penncrest, Airline, Conrad. Goya, El Degas and more. Cool, old and weird is what we like!