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GroundSwell Pedalboards


As a small family operation we are passionate about handcrafting our pedalboards with an excellence you don't typically find in mass-produced products. We see beauty in the details. Most likely you do too. No doubt your instrument is a work of art helping you stand out amongst other musicians. The pedalboard shouldn't be any different. That's why our boards are handcrafted one at a time from high quality hardwoods & great attention to detail. Each is a work of art, not only a tool, but an extension of your personal sound & style.

*How To Order:
-Most of the pedalboard listings are made to order. When you purchase a listing please send us a message if you would like a customized color/stain combination you prefer.
-If you are ordering any "extra options" such as 1/4" jacks or handles, please let me know in a personal message and I will send you an updated "offer" with the adjusted price. I'll get back with you asap and let you know the timeframe on building it for you (build time usually 6 weeks).

Custom Options:
*1/4" solderless locking jacks ($15 each)
*Velcro- $20
*on/off rocker switch ($20)

*Who We Are
We're a small family based operation, personally hand-crafting all of our pedalboards. By day I serve our local church as the worship director/youth pastor and my wife is a high school teacher. On the side I also enjoy wood working and the challenge of using my hands to create something beautiful. That passion led to the beginning of ´╗┐GroundSwell Pedalboards´╗┐. We place detailed care and attention in our boards that you don't normally find in mass produced products. And not only do we pride ourselves in crafting top-notch pedalboards, we place equal value on delivering a strong customer service experience. It's simple- we treat you like we'd want to be treated. We don't cut corners when it comes to crafting our pedalboards, so we certainly don't cut corners when it comes to treating our customers with great care and respect.

*What's a GroundSwell?
You're not the first to ask! Our name "GroundSwell" conveniently fuses together our love for music and surfing. Right along with music, surfing was embedded in our culture growing up on the east coast of Florida. And regardless of the wave conditions, we love every opportunity we get to paddle out and spend countless hours cheering and laughing with friends. We don't need perfect waves to have fun, but every surfer still knows the best waves come from groundswells- surges of energy born from distant storm systems. In the world of surfing, groundswells produce the most powerful, clean and perfectly aligned waves. We're confident you'll find the same desired qualities in our work, making your next pedalboard a work of art.

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