Flowforth Instruments


We sell used & restored stringed instruments of the bowed and plucked variety, including Guitars, Ukuleles, Mandolins, Violins, Celli, and Basses. All the instruments I sell have had a full luthier's set-up, including fret polish (level and re-crowning where needed), filed fret ends, oiled fretboard, action (string height) adjustment, truss-rod correction(when necessary), tuner inspection (replacement where necessary), as well as a thorough check of internal issues like bracing. The guitar will arrive properly stringed, often with a new set of D'Addario XLs. I pack the items professionally then ship with full insurance. I've been working with instruments for 20 plus years so I am very thorough. Of course, things may change slightly in transit - or you may want to further adjust the set-up to suit your playing preferences - but you will receive a guitar with a better set up than those just drop-shipped from the factory.