Decibel Audio


Decibel Audio is a retail store and custom installation business in the neighborhood of Wicker Park in Chicago, IL. We have serviced the Chicagoland area with both new and vintage equipment for over 19 years.

Whether you're looking for a new turntable, a whole system or an full installation for your home, bar or restaurant, Decibel has what you need. From entry level to high end we can assemble systems for any budget.

In addition to our online offerings we carry many brands in store, we carry AudioEngine, AudioQuest, AudioTechnica, Cambridge Audio, Cary Audio, Dynaudio, Epos, Grado Labs, Harbeth, John Matrix, KEF, Marantz, Music Hall, Ortofon, Pro-Ject, Parasound, PS Audio, Reference 3A, Rogue Audio, Sonos, as well as the full line from Rega, Clearaudio and many others. Please call to set up a demo or stop by the store during business hours.