Gansz Guitars

Greetings, all, and welcome to Gansz Guitars. For over 15 years, from 1999-2015, I sold guitars on eBay under the username Gansz, with a 100% positive feedback rating. Beginning in 2016 I moved my operation here to Reverb.

I am the Dean of a Library at a University, so I am not in the business of buying and selling guitars for a living. In other words, my livelihood does not depend upon making a profit. I only buy and sell what is of interest to me. Thus I am highly selective in what I have to offer, and I rarely have anything for sale. I only acquire guitars I would wish to own and play. Count on me, then, for well chosen, collectible guitars that I would gladly keep in my own collection if I could afford to do so!

As a result, my satisfied customers have included, for example, the C. F. Martin Museum in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, to whom I sold a 1927 0-28K that is pictured in Johnston, Boak, and Longworth’s Martin Guitars: A History (page 63) and Martin Guitars: A Technical Reference (page 100).

My research interests include the history of the Spanish guitar in the United States in the 19th century, and James Ashborn’s first American guitar factory and its output. Consequently, I authored three of the eleven chapters in the book Inventing the American Guitar: The Pre-Civil War Innovations of C.F. Martin and His Contemporaries, which also served as the ‘catalog’ to the exhibition “Early Martin Guitars: The Instruments of C.F. Martin” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from January 14-December 7, 2014.

I am also interested in the history of the Spanish guitar in Granada, Spain, and I authored a bi-lingual essay in La Escuela Granadina de Guitarreros: The Granada School of Guitar-Makers, published by La Diputación de Granada in 2014.

Many of the most prominent guitar dealers in the United States are my friends and acquaintances, and I have been called upon by appraisers from the Antiques Roadshow on occasion for advice and expertise. I look forward to placing a fine guitar in your hands one day!