Cramps Amps

Cramps Amps

Custom Handmade Cigar Box Amps
The Healing Power Of Hand Crafted Amplifiers
I got started when I saw a CBG on a Vintage Stereo Gear sites classified section. I loved the look so bought it for my son who is a multi-instrumentalist. He loves music and instruments and it was a good deal.
Once I got it my interest was piqued so I started checking it all out. I then saw one amp in a picture made out of a Cigar box and thought I bet I could do that. I am disabled from work injury and it gets boring just sitting at home watching TV all day. It looked like something to do when my family wasn't at home to...

1. Stop the boredom
2. To help me feel like I was worth something again as I was very depressed by not being able to work and provide for my family.
3. It was something I could do as I felt like it. Once I start having back spasms, nerve pain and cramps I could rest and hit it again later when I was a little better
4. To take my mind off the pain I am a chronic pain sufferer if I am sitting and all I can do is dwell on the pain.

If my mind is busy yes the pain is still there but not thinking about it constantly dwelling on it helps me to cope. So the name came from my injury with the chronic cramps I get so to use a negative for a positive helps. It gives me a chuckle and sometimes others when they know where it came from.