Coolstraps Custom Handmade Guitar Straps

What's the difference between a Chevy and a Rolls Royce? Superior quality, attention to every small detail, a striving for absolute perfection, a product so distinctive that you know you simply won't find it anywhere else and so perfectly made that you know nothing will rival it. My unique, amazing artisan handmade guitar straps are Rolls Royces in a sea of Chevys.

The construction of my guitar straps is superb. From the 2000-pound test industrial grade polypropylene foundation to the double thick hand punched and hand stitched leather tabs, my guitar straps peg the meter on comfort, durability, and beauty.

The pièce de résistance is my customer service. Nothing is more important than that you are happy not only with your strap but also know without a doubt that you are a prized and appreciated patron. Because that is exactly what you are. I consider myself an artist. And you are my patron. Thanks!