Custom built by Ley van den Beuken and his crew, Charlee guitars meets the highest standards in todays guitar playabillity.

Built from the finest woods, selected hardware and highest standard pickups, Charlee’s guitars are made to deliver the tone, warmth, clarity and durability you’ve been looking for. Charlee guitars are 100% handcrafted, and can therefore be made to your own specifications. From vintage to ultramodern, from jazz to screaming blues, Charlee can build the guitar you have been searching for. Or you can choose one of the standard series models, designed by Ley van den Beuken himself.

With more then 30 years of experience in building, customizing and repairing guitars, Ley has developed and enhanced his skills to the highest level. Not only as a builder, but also as a player. Having tutored hundreds of students, nobody knows better, what guitarists need in their search for the ultimate sound. All of this is embodied in the quality of the Charlee guitars range.